Intro to Sail

This Intro to Sail is a primer course to see if the 3 day course is something you are interested in. It is also an educational boat ride. You will learn the basics of how a sailboat works, what to do and enjoy some time on beautiful Charleston Harbor. You will steer, handle sails, learn about tides and currents and navigate the boat back to the dock.

The boat is a 26' day sailer. It has an open cockpit, tiller steering and an outboard motor. It is low to the water, fun and easy to sail. It is the same boat that we use for our Basic Keelboat course.

The Basic Keelboat course is the first in a series of courses through the US Sailing Association (which is the national governing body for the sport of sailing). Most of our students going for certifications are seeking the third in the series: Bareboat Cruising. With this certification you can then charter a cruising sailboat down in the islands without the need for a paid captain.

We offer a wide variety of sailing courses ranging from Learn-to-Sail to Navigation to Racing Skills and Tactics. Our favorite thing is just being out on the water. This Intro-to-Sail is a perfect way to do so, as well as see if further lessons are for you.

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